Jun 1, 2012

Writing Hell 6.1

First day of Writing Hell, and I plan to get that 5k written on top of the 2k for a different project!

The Reborn
Starting word count: 2782
Ending word count: 6487

Yeah, already gotta catch up, but I shall manage to reach at least 20k for The Reborn this week!


The boy stared at me. He stood a step lower than me and was still taller than me. I looked up into his eyes. There was annoyance in those eyes, and something else. Something I couldn’t quite figure out. Not until he spoke.

“What are you really doing here?” he asked. He leaned against the wall a few feet away from me.

I glanced toward the person he had been talking to. The guy smile and, ever so slowly, held up his hand to flip me off. I let out a short laugh; it was far louder than I expected, even startling a few people around the school entrance.

“Your friend over there is very friendly,” I said, turning my attention back to him. “And I’m here because the Abbess wants me to be here.” I paused for a moment and hopped off the stone. He towered even higher as I stepped up to him. “Why does it matter to you?”

His upper lip twitched, his face having gone feral. “Your kind doesn’t belong here.”

“Ha. And what exactly is my kind?” I asked, tilting my head up. Our faces were inches from each other.

Hope you guys are doing well with Writing Hell!  Or Camp NaNoWriMo, for those who're doing that.  At least I'm staying on task on that.

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