Mar 11, 2012

Internet, how I continue to abandon thee

I guess you could say that the past few days have been busy.  Friday, I didn't get home until 9pm, and didn't feel like doing anything.  Saturday, I was going to work on this research project due in two weeks, but then I had to help with yard work (result: slight sunburn on back + one sentence added to research project + revival of Pokemon addiction through DSi).  And today, I have a new idea which came to me through a dream.  Granted, it's similar to Rush, but I want to work on it anyways.

Really, the only thing that's been going on is me doing school work and spending time with my friend.  Not a whole lot.  Which is why I'll probably get to this new idea.  I'm sort of stuck on the project business.

Just another tiny update.

Mar 3, 2012

Writing Hell 3.3

Well, yesterday I didn't write, so I believe that means there shouldn't be a post.

And today ... today, I have three ideas I think I'll work on.  And Enigma, of course, but we all know that that won't happen.

So, either I will plan a total of 3k, or actually get to writing...

Mar 1, 2012

Writing Hell 3.1

Happy March! The month of green, I think (because it is the color that I think of when I think March).

After a month without this, let's get back to work! Writing Hell, March first, 2012.  This time, I plan on posting every day.  I've gotten really bad.

So, this Writing Hell will last for 5 days.  In those 5 days, I plan to write a total of 15k. 3k a day.  I plan on not dying, even though I do have a research project to start writing too.

Excerpt from ENIGMA:

Starting word count: 3952
Ending word count: (expected) 6952