Writing Hell

So, I want to get a lot of writing done. My plan: a writing hell, which will last between five and ten days. Goals will be different for every participant (so you don't have to be crazy and have a high goal like my own).

There will be a warning post on the last day of the month, and then, for the next 5-10 days, everyone should regularly post.  Your post's contents should be

  • Title of project
  • List your goal for the 5-10 days
  • Starting word count
  • Ending word count
  • Retelling of your struggle day, and any inspiration (if you want to reveal)
  • (optional) Two paragraphs of your writing

Please post the linkings in the comments, or contact me and I can include your blog/blogpost in the post for that day.

I would love to have others I can word war (writing sprints against each other designated at certain times for certain times) with. These Writing Hells will begin at the beginning of each month. If you'd like to word war with me, leave a comment below or email me.


  1. Yay! It's starting :D

  2. I'll do it on 1-5th Jan! :D


  3. I think you should change the word goals. I mean, NaNoWriMo is near-impossible, and that's thirty days, so 50k in TEN days? Impossible. I, myself am gonna try 10k for the five days of Jan. That's 2k a day, which is hard enough.

  4. Darragh: It depends on the person and what goal they want to set--the goals will vary.

    If I try, I can write a thousand words in half an hour (granted, that's if I use Write or Die). I want to push myself, because I know I can get a lot done if I put my mind to it. But I will make sure to add that word goals depend on the person; thanks for pointing that out to me. ^_^