Jun 24, 2012

A Rather Happy Day, I Would Say

So, at about midnight, I finished writing Sever.  It's completed at 83k, and I've already got ideas to add into the second draft.  But I'm not touching this lovely thing until August.  Good thing I've got my idea written down.

Now the time has come to search for a new project to work on.  I've got three right now, all of them still needing to be planned.  But, as usual, I shall give you guys little two sentence summaries.

Wrath - Paranormal Romance
When sixteen-year-old Luz Gray discovers she wasn’t even supposed to be born, everything snaps inside, only to cause her to lash out at any passerby—human or not. With the help of soldier-boy Wesley, she will learn that not everything in her life was a waste, even if the Gods have constantly been toying with her life since the day she was born.

Tricks (working title) - Dystopia
Lilias lives in the year 3012 where the continents have reformed and monarchies are the popular way to reign. With the discovery of her own royalty, she and her little sister, Angel, go to live in the palace, only to learn that Angel is more fit for the crown than Lilias—so says the power hungry Royal Advisor. Lilias refuses to let her homeland crumble anymore and swears that she will fix the land no matter what.

NeoHuman (working title) - Sci-fi
For the past twenty-four hours, the human race has prepared for the NeoHumans arrival. When this alien species arrives, Effie and thousands of other young women and men are whisked off to another planet millions of light years away. They are promised a new life on a planet that isn’t bound to die, one that faces no natural disasters. It is a paradise, and these people are special enough to live there. Except for Effie—she’s bound to die in three weeks time.
 So far, only NeoHuman has yet to have a nice, working outline.  The other two are near completion, and I soon plan to start working on Tricks.  In a few weeks, I'll probably know which one of these I'll be solely focused on.  I hope I can finish one of these in a month.

Until then, ta-ta, peoples of the internets.



    Also. When do I get to read Sever? :D


      As soon as I start editing. I've got stuff I'm going to add. So ... sometime during school, I think. :o

    2. -______________________________________- That's so far away.

    3. But I gotta let it sit, and then I need to add in that scene and fix the ending and the beginning and stuff in between~ I'll probably start editing while I'm on vacation.