May 5, 2012

Writing Hell 5.5

Welcome to day 5!  Good news for me today: I may get my mom's car in about 6 months (when I start driving).  I think it's more likely than not.  So happy.  But, then I have to catch up on my word counts, so ... yeah, not so fun.  The same goes for driver's ed.

Starting word count: 11560
Ending word count: 12377

“If I could send people with you, I would, but we don’t need to risk people noticing travelers from Vita. They don’t really like us,” he says. He takes a step back and smiles down at me. “Be careful, Sora. I’m expecting to be able to speak with you when you return.” He ruffles my hair, then takes a step back. “Good luck, and good night.”

With a nod, he takes a few backward steps, then turns and disappears into the forest. It only takes a few feet before he fully disappeared. Leaving me here, in the middle of the forest, to follow the rest of the path into the town.

I take a deep breath and plunge into the darkness, hoping the faint moonlight that appears every few feet will stay long enough for me to emerge in town safely.
Yeah, I'm not doing so good at catching up...

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  1. At least you're trying. Great effort, Kelly! I love your excerpt. From you're one sentence summary, I thought Sever was going to be a gen fic, but your excerpt sounds fantasy. I'm glad you're getting your mom's old car. You'll have a vehicle of your own. That's super exciting.