May 15, 2012

Back From the Dead, Ye Come

First off, I want to say that it's rather weird that over 80% of my recent viewers are in Russia. Just a wee bit weird.
Last night, I had the urge to edit either one of my two completed first draft manuscripts, Nightland and Rush.  Of course, right after I had that thought, I decided to go clean out my desk, which resulted in a mess of my room.

Anyways, I decided to, first off, reformat Nightland so it was double spaced and in black font. Took a while, so now I can get to reading over that.  And the same goes for Rush, though I may save that for a few weeks longer.

And because all of the other pitches for Nightland are horrendous, I shall type a new one just for you:

Berlin has only ever visited Nightland in her dreams--or so she thought. Upon arriving in this land of dark, she's pulled off the streets and sent into hiding with friends she doesn't remember. Turns out, the evil ruler of the land is after her, for reasons no one knows.

She is quickly shepherded across the land, searching for an appropriate hiding place so she can learn the ways of the land. There isn't much time for her to learn anything as the ruler's minions scour the land, growing closer and closer to find her.

All Berlin wants is to go home and leave this mess behind, but in order to do that, she needs power doesn't have--yet.

Yeah, very lovely.  Nightland is a YA fantasy with aspects of romance at over 81k.  First novel I ever finished writing.  It was even finished one year ago, this month.  And needs a lot of work.

Now I shall be off to go make people (characters) nice and what not.

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