Dec 1, 2011

Writing Hell 1.1

First day of the first week of Writing Hell.

How many of you have met your 2.5-5k goal yet? I for sure haven't! I've been at school, reading and doing school like things. And tonight, I can't write much, because I have a wonderful Christmas Parade to march in. Oh the joys of being in my high school's marching band.

So, Writing Hell participants, here's how posts will go (I meant to do this yesterday, but Yu Yu Hakusho distracted me):

Make a post for your first day of Writing Hell. It will contain your starting word count (example: Starting word count: 100) and beneath that, your ending word count (at the end of the day, or the next day, fill it in; follow previous example) and then you could post an excerpt. I will most likely be doing this tomorrow, and will be catching up on my 5k goal over the weekend.

For now, I will post the summary, as I don't have a whole lot of time to get stuff done.

Starting word count: 15535
Ending word count: 15535

And the summary:

Having to actually save something is the last thing on Milo’s mind. Being a demigod is a close second. Yet now she’s forced to take on these two foreign paths in hopes of keeping some sort of world order. But Milo couldn’t care less about things that don’t involve her.

Levin refuses to let her go down the wrong path. As her Guardian, he guides her as best he can. He’s able to solve many of her mistakes, until she upsets Them—the ones who granted mortals the chances for immortality in the first places. Milo should listen to them no matter what, unless she wants to lose the powers that come with being a demigod.

When it comes to change, Milo’s chances of staying a demigod smolder to dust.

I hope to near completion for Smolder by the end of these ten days.

So, how's your Writing Hell going? If you're participating, feel free to leave a comment with your day's excerpt. I'd love to check it out!

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