Dec 16, 2011

Updating y'all?

So, ten days later, I've finally decided to return to my blog.

This past week, and the next week, was/will be interesting. At the beginning of the week, I finally got into contact with my brother who lives a couple hundred miles away. That brought up my week. Thursday, I had to play at my school's concert. And, I have learned that I barely have an A in my History class, and a low A in HP Chem. Today, I'm going to watch Sherlock Holmes 2 with family friends and my mom. Awesome way to end the week.

Next week starts finals, and then Winter Break. I want to achieve straight A's this semester (Yes, I'm a nerd) which means I need to study. Which is the first, because studying isn't in my nature. At all. Which means I'll probably just write out this outline for my Chem test (my teacher won't give us a review) and read over the first chapters in my History book.

As for reading and writing, I am almost done with The Night Circus, and am going to finish another one or two books. Along with doing my homework. Writing wise, I'm at a block, even though I just came up with an idea based around a tree. Yeah, that's got to say something.

So, what are you guys reading? Those of you who are in school: has your break started yet?

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