Apr 24, 2012

In Which I Present New Ideas

For the past few days, I've been working on two new ideas.  And today, I got another one!

So, today, considering I'm trying to get back into blogging, I feel like telling you guys a bit about my ideas.  Mostly the one-sentence summary lines, but it's something.

My two "older" ideas are both a form of fantasy.  The first is urban, and the second is with some adventure (I don't know whether or not it can be considered 'dystopian' (it's similar to The Pledge, but not in the who Queen-is-sole-ruler-who-does-*censored*-to-continue-Queenly-line) (I'll nickname my project Dystopia for now)).

The Girl of Eternal Fire
After Kyra Hyde discovers there’s a monster inside her, she sets off on a quest to find her father—the man with the answers.

Sever (temporary title)
When she learns of her brother’s whereabouts, Sora Lothbrow sets off to find her brother, and along the way makes a new friend bound to help her out.

It doesn't really have a one-line summary, so for now you can just know that it will have to do with The Chosen One, some religion (I'm not religion buff, so it shouldn't be too bad), and a monarchy. Oh, and a girl, but that can practically be assumed.

And, for now, that is the only update you'll be getting from me. Starting May, I hope to (maybe) blog every day, or every other day. And maybe post more reviews. And writing tips. And maybe a giveaway (as soon as I figure everything out surrounding the idea of a giveaway).

Until then, bye!

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