Mar 11, 2012

Internet, how I continue to abandon thee

I guess you could say that the past few days have been busy.  Friday, I didn't get home until 9pm, and didn't feel like doing anything.  Saturday, I was going to work on this research project due in two weeks, but then I had to help with yard work (result: slight sunburn on back + one sentence added to research project + revival of Pokemon addiction through DSi).  And today, I have a new idea which came to me through a dream.  Granted, it's similar to Rush, but I want to work on it anyways.

Really, the only thing that's been going on is me doing school work and spending time with my friend.  Not a whole lot.  Which is why I'll probably get to this new idea.  I'm sort of stuck on the project business.

Just another tiny update.

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