Apr 30, 2012

This week...

This week will be quite ... interesting.  Tomorrow starts Writing Hell, which means I need to aim for 2500 words for the next ten days.

On Wednesday, I start Driver's Ed. From 6-something to 8:15 PM.  Yay me. #sarcasm

And on Thursday, I've got a spring concert at school.  The band goes on first, so I'm hoping that means I can leave earlier.  Unless I feel like watching the orchestra + mariachi later.  Which means I won't get home until, oh, 9-ish.

And, for the month of May, I have to work on this project for Algebra II.  What do I get to do?  Make a Ferris Wheel.  In one month.  While taking Driver's Ed, which will cut my open dates nearly in half.

Oh what fun this month brings for me.  The bright side: starting the second week of the month, we have 2-hour early releases on every Friday.  And then there's finals, and then NO SCHOOL.  Which means NO SUMMER SCHOOL for me and more time to write.

I just have to survive one more month and hopefully not cry during graduation, either because I know some of the seniors, or because I'll be thinking about how sad my graduation will be, or because I'll be thinking about my currently-junior friends' graduation.  ... I think I'm doomed to cry.

So, if I wind up not posting for a week, you now know why.

P.S. Another sad thing: On Saturdays, I have to miss Legend of Korra.  Good thing I'm recording the series.


  1. Sorry, Kelly. That sounds like a lot of work to have on your plate. I can't believe Driver's Ed. is so late. How many times do you take it during the week? Concerts are always fun! I remember last year's spring concert and we totally kicked butt.

    You sound really busy. Best of luck. :) I can't wait for school to be over too.

    1. I think that's because it's during the week, but yeah, it's weird. :/ I have to take it twice during the week. And they are, when you aren't getting yelled at by your director! I just don't like the fact that the band performs first.

      Gladly, this week will be the only busy one. The rest shouldn't be too bad. And same here! :D