Aug 30, 2011


This is really a random post, since it's been a while.

First off, I've started school once again. (Go class of 2014! ... not really.) And I've had homework from the first day. Add marching band to that (waking up before 6am and Monday night rehearsals from 6pm-9pm) and I'm a busy child with not much time to write.

But, on the second day of school, and I had a new idea for a dystopia. It came to me while studying the Roman and Greek politics in World History. So, I decided to start writing it once Chemistry came around (because my Chem teacher is boring). The next day, more ideas came from studying came when we studied the first monotheistic religions. Amazing how school can influence writing, huh?

As a result, I now have a story (titled Day One) that involves a girl living in America a few years from now. America's economy currently suffers from many things, resulting with everyone moving to "cheaper" places. The story starts with the main character finding a note that eventually leads to her being said to have started "the end of the world". (Yes, this story revolves around the events leading to a dystopia.) The more religious part comes in when a young man having deemed himself "God" forced the main character to lead the new world. And, that's all I've got/willing to share as of right now.

That's one new idea that I plan to finish before the end of the year. The other new idea I have is a paranormal story (might have some romance) that was inspired by a picture I found on deviantART. That has yet to be developed, but I know a bit of what will happen.

So ... who of my little followers has gone back to school? New idea maybe? Where do you get inspiration from?

Hope your writing days go well!

P.S. The new blog title was inspired partially by my current English assignment: write an essay about your literary history. Yay for me.

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