Aug 11, 2011

Now NWO?

No, that is not a typo. While playing with the covers I make for inkpop (for my own projects, of course) I had an idea: a Novel Write Off! You may have noticed the badge (which I learned to make through Evie's blog post) at the bottom, on the side. Well, here's my idea for Novel Write Off!

-Pick three novels that you want to write/love the idea of.

-Once you know what novels you want to write, blog about it, along with what NWO is. (Or just leave a comment, telling me which three novels you want to write, and what they're about.) (And maybe add the badge to your blog. ;D)

-You will then wait for me to decide on word counts and dates. I'll make sure to keep them simple, especially since some are going back to school (including myself) and may be busy (like me).

-What we will do during these is simple: blog about your writing goals for the day, like what project you'll work on, how much you plan to write, etc.

And onto the point:
The point for this would be, if you are working on three novels (you could just work on one or two), is to write a certain amount of words for each novel. For example: from August 1st to 2nd, we'll write 2000 words per project. If you're working on two novels, 3000 words for each project. If you're working on one novel, 4000 words for it.

Right now, I don't know when exactly I want to start this, but I will definitely blog about it as soon as I have some suggestions/opinions. If you could answer some questions, I may be able to figure out just how much should be written during the first week.

1.What is the most you've written in one day?
2.What is the least, besides nothing, that you're written in

one day?

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I'll update my post and explain every question.
I hope to have a starting and ending date sometime this weekend.

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