Feb 5, 2012

Quick little pop in.

I'm still not completely back, but I might be.  My friend who has been in the hospital for a month should be going home tomorrow, or a tad bit later, meaning I can bring my laptop and have wi-fi when I go visit.

Which means I should get some more writing done, especially when I completely forgot about Writing Hell this month. I think I'll start that this Friday, so we Americans have a three day weekend to get some writing done.

Reading-wise, I've read two books, and am reading five, I believe.
Writing-wise, well, that's not a whole lot. I've come up with two new dystopian ideas, and am rewriting Smolder, which is now titled Paradox.

And I hope to get back into the blogging swing soon.

Until this Thursday/Friday, I'm retreating back into my little Hell Hole that is my new social life.

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