Feb 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Today is a kinda sad day. It is the last day inkpop will be around, and I was only 9 days away from my 2 year anniversary!  Ah well, I guess I'll have to live.

But I think, at the moment, my writing's taken a big hit. I've always wanted to receive a review from HC, which was a pretty strong motivation to get things done, but now it's just like ... two more years until it is recommended that I can query (darn me for being so young, and agents wanting 17+ older query-ies if that's even a word). So, for now, I'll just try to finish my current works and see about

  • editing them
  • finishing a series
  • and creating a writing/critique circle. You know, in published books, the author's always thanking a handful of people who helped critique the work? I wanna be in one of those. :o
And, I have no clue if I'll let people read my projects again. A handful of people who I email a lot, yes, but I don't know what else I'll do. (Speaking of which, I should email my friends the first chapter of Enigma  (Smolder rewrite)...)

Now I shall get to writing and help my mother make dinner. Happy Leap Day, and I hope all of you inkpoppers go far with your writing (same to everyone, too)! (And inkpoppers who need/want to contact me, I'm on wattpad.)

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