Jan 1, 2012

Writing Hell 1.1 2012

Because this is 2012, we will count this as week one, day one of Writing Hell.

Today, I started writing at midnight. Nice way to start the new year: already writing! A few days ago, I started writing what I'm calling OBLIVION. I hope to finish this within a few months, along with SMOLDER (because I'm horrible with sticking to a single project).

Excerpt from OBLIVION:

Quickly, I think of something to say, hoping it will redeem me. “But those people are rewarded with the fact that they helped someone else,” I cry. From the glare he gives me, I’m not saying what he wants to hear. “I mean, shouldn’t the evil people receive more attention because of their actions?” My voice grows weaker as I continue speak.

In all honesty, I’ve never paid attention to do-gooders. It isn’t like most good deeds change people’s lives dramatically, unlike how every little crime committed leaves a mark on the victim’s soul.

“You still have a lot to learn. Now go home, Dice,” he says, and then turns to leave.

I refuse to leave this building now, not when I should be a Keeper already. “But I deserve—”

Before I can finish, he turns. His red eyes flash and his hand comes up, striking my face. My cheek stings, tears well up, but I just stand there, staring up at him. All emotions have disappeared from his eyes, making them the fiery pits that they truly are.

“Go home,” he repeats, his voice softer now.

Starting word count: 1061
Ending word count: 4935 (So close, yet so far! I just have to write a little over six thousand words tomorrow.)

I wish everyone at SPG-United to Write good luck on their writing goals!

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