Jul 11, 2012

In One Week

In one week, I'm going to start with editing.  Editing the winners' projects, and editing Lost Ties (previously titled Sever).  Until then, I aim to get lots more written for LT's sequel, Revived Pasts.  (I still need better titles for these, but I have lots of time (if I ever plan to query (which isn't very likely)).)  I'll also be preparing for Camp NaNo in August.

Right now, RP is at approximately eight thousand words.  I hope to get it around twenty by next week.

When you have no internet, you can get a lot written.  And speaking of no internet, I plan on reading a book a day for the days I am off camping.  I probably won't actually read a whole book, but I will try to get at least two books read soon.

As I get more into reading, writing, and editing, I start to realize that I don't have that much time left until school starts.  Five weeks are left.  Two of those weeks will be spent away from home.  One week will be spent at my school's parking lot, preparing for the upcoming marching season.  So that leaves me with two weeks to spend my time.

And then I need to read more.

Yeah, this summer has been uneventful, and not.  I've completed a novel, and actually am writing the second in the same trilogy.  That's a first for me.  And I hope to win Camp NaNo within two to three weeks.  Probably two.

So, that's my writing update.  I hope to start posting writing tips and more book reviews.

For my writing challenge: I must write 12k in 7 days.  That's about 1.7k a day.  Achievable.

And now, to write!

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  1. You can do this, Kelly! I once wrote 60 k in two weeks before; I'm sure you can win NaNo, and write the 12 k in 7 days.

    And you're right; summer is so close to being over, it's a bit sad that school's so close, and there's still so much to do >.<